KLIM Chroma Keyboard IT


KLIM Chroma Keyboard is an efficient gaming keyboard QWERTY, chromatic black and wired USB. Silent and comfortable strike guaranteed.

  • An investment. You spend hours on your computer everyday, typing away. Might as well make it enjoyable and comfortable. At KLIM, we are very confident in the quality of our products – we offer you a 5 year warranty! It is a risk free purchase.
  • Quiet. The KLIM Chroma Keyboard was conceived to be as quiet as it can be. Each keystroke produces a soft sound. Overall, it makes typing a very comfortable experience.
  • Looks good. A keyboard takes quite a lot of room on a desk, might as well look good. The chromatic design will definitely be noticed, especially in the dark – the lights can be turned off.
  • High performance. With a response time of only 2ms, the KLIM Chroma Keyboard is among the very best, closing in on mechanical keyboards. Added to that is an anti-ghosting function. Your typing speed, in game or not, will be optimized.
  • Built to last. This keyboard is waterproof – you think you don't need that feature, until you need it. It has a 20,000,000 keystrokes lifetime, you can hold onto it for the next decade! For a keyboard it is rather light, weighing in at 690g. It is mostly made of ABS plastic – especially solid, it won't suffer from a fall off the desktop.