KLIM Domination IT


KLIM Domination is a mechanical keyboard AZERTY, RGB consisting of a mechanical blue switch. It allows fast, accurate and pleasant typing.

  • An investment. How much time do you spend typing on your keyboard each day? A mechanical keyboard tells you precisely when you strike a key, which allows you to follow the next key more quickly. You can, after a week or two, gain a speed of 10% to 15% – imagine what that means for a year. In addition to speed, typing will become a pleasure.
  • Unlimited opportunities. Most backlit mechanical keyboards offer some light effects. Domination is a true full RGB keyboard. With KLIM Domination, you can choose the color of each key individually. There are 16 million possible combinations – this keyboard memorizes your choices. Total customization. Add to that almost 21 unique effects. You can even choose the speed of its effects!
  • Perfect stroke. A person who switches to a mechanical keyboard doesn't go back. With its blue switches, the most popular switches, KLIM Domination offers accurate, enjoyable and fast typing. Your typing speed and speed in games will leap forward. With KLIM Domination, you will get a new fluidity in your typing. WARNING: it is a mechanical keyboard blue switches, so it makes noise – that is normal.
  • Durable and warrantied. A friendly warning though, with its 1.26kg, the KLIM Domination weighs its weight – this makes it totally still when you play. It is a real tank that is designed to last a decade. Reinforced braided cable, golden USB, metal structure, anti-scratch and new long lasting coating. It is warrantied for 5 years, which is exceptional in electronics. It's a risk free purchase.
  • Simple. At KLIM, we are against unnecessary drivers and software. Everything is configurable directly from your keyboard with a manual. You will find all the usual multimedia keys. This keyboard is in standard AZERTY configuration and equipped with anti-ghosting – you just have to plug it in and it will work perfectly! If you encounter any problem, our Customer Support is at your disposal.